Examination Malpractices, who gets fined? – Students, teachers or both?


Nigeria House of Representatives has just passed a bill that will allow stricter fine against students found to be cheating during WAEC (West African Examination Council). Fine of ₦200k, an increment from the current ₦2k or they could be sent to 5 years in jail or both. Here

To reduce exam malpractices in Nigeria, we need to trace back to the source of the problem. Focus energies and resources into charging and convicting teachers from primary school teachers to university professors. It was the teachers who made it acceptable for students to cheat in the first place. They set unrealistic expectations so that the only people who could pass would be the one that bribed their way through. The expectations were never backed up with adequate studying materials, lectures and libraries in schools have all closed up.

The origin of all exam malpractices in Nigeria did not start yesterday, it has a long…

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