Kindness of Strangers



I came across an article the other day about a lady who was crying in the middle of the night for help. She knocked on a door and asked to be let in but she was turned down because the home owners were too scared to let her in as she was a stranger. For full article click here

After reading the article I immediately was taken back to my midnight ordeal several years ago where I desperately needed to be housed by a stranger in a town about 20 miles away from my home town. I was stranded in a town where I didn’t know anyone and had little knowledge about how hotels worked – the only information I knew about hotels was a place for prostitutes, whether or not that was true, I will need money to rent a room so that idea faded away quickly.

It was…

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Lack of proper sanitation in Nigeria: Let’s talk about toilet


I am not sure why Nigeria lack of proper sanitation at home and on the street is not on the news daily. With the issue of Nigeria being one big toilet, this cut across tribes, we are all in it together!  I am not talking about the inadequate provision of public toilets or heaps of garbage all over the street corners/gutters nor the very few elites who have always lived the way civilised humans should. I am talking about private homes mostly in the villages and towns across the country whereby shut put is the norm. Big cities such as Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Warri are no exception to the practice of shut put in their homes if we were to be honest.

Okey Ndibe article titled “Nigeria As One Open Toilet” did a wonderful job analysing the effects lack of toilet in public areas has on Nigerians both psychologically and…

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